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Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Queer bloggers and... oh heck, our straight friends too! It's like a special two-part episode of "Queer Eye for the Blogger Guy" right here on the internet! The purpose of GB Tribe and Friends (or officially, "Gay Bloggers tribe") is to create a forum where bloggers can ask questions about blogging, get help, give advice, meet other bloggers and read their blogs, and discuss GB Tribe-related topics. It is also intended to be a forum to discuss issues relevant to GLBTQ people and their friends. Please keep topics related to the forum content. If you feel you must create a message in this tribe that doesn't fall within GB Tribe relevant topics, it should be marked "OT:" before the subject title. This will alert readers to "off topic" content. Also, please note that this tribe should not be considered a place to hook up or stroke our egos. There are other forums here on and elsewhere on the internet more likely better suited to fulfill these needs. In some cases, they're our own blogs. Finally, any form of abuse towards other members of this tribe, either on the message boards or in private e-mail, will not be tolerated and will be reported to management. If any member has a concern with the content of this charter, please contact either moderator of this tribe (palochi or Zeitzeuge) and discuss it with us. This forum is a place for all GB Tribe members to enjoy and share the many aspects of being a GLBTQ blogger or a being a blogger friend of one. By choosing to participate in this tribe, you voluntarily agree to follow Terms of Usage and this charter. Be aware that any posts that do not conform to these guidelines may be removed by the moderator. RSS Feed what is XML?

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